Tuesday, 26 April 2016

5 Innovative Ways To Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Site


5 Innovative Ways To Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Site

When it comes to attracting visitors to a website, SEO is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. However, it is not the only thing that you can do. There are several other innovative ways in which you can get noticed by the search engines and your target audience.

So let us look at five ways in which you can attract high quality traffic to your website.

1. Create a Facebook group: Social media is a very important ranking signal for Google. It shows profiles and groups with high activity which are relevant to the search Query. You can create a group for your company on Facebook and encourage users to actively participate in the discussions. This will get Google to notice the group and show it on the SERPs.

2. Contribute to industry groups on LinkedIn: You can find many serious professionals in the LinkedIn groups who could become high value customers for your business. By Interacting with them regularly, you can get them to visit your website. 

3. Offer goodies: create some downloadable white papers, e-books, templates, etc. on your website which could be of high value to your target audience. These can attract high-quality traffic to your website very effectively.

4. Share your knowledge: people ask questions related to various topics on websites like Quora. You can actively answer some of these questions pertaining to your industry to establish yourself as an authority. Soon people will start visiting your website to learn more from you.

5. Repurposed content: Take a look at the content on your website which you had posted earlier and update them with the latest information. You can share this fresh content on your own website or as a guest post somewhere else to attract the attention of the readers and attract high-quality traffic.

And of course we must not forget the tools needed to bring tons of traffic :

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