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How To Start Affiliate Marketing ( The Way That Changed My Life )


How To Start Affiliate Marketing 

(A Book That Changed My Life)

For almost four years, specifically in 2011, the story began:
From miserable man failed - to a successful human being optimistic
My name is Hashem of Syria, the country was safe and beautiful to a country invaded by wars and conflicts.
My country was very beautiful and the most famous and oldest parts of the ground: it's the capital of history - Damascus
Perhaps there are those who know it and you do not know .

Since the war began life has become here Thoughts began with high prices and scourge, I was working in a large company specializing in the field of information technology and computer and, I worked in a specialized area and is computer maintenance (Software and Hardware), but unfortunately closed company because of the deteriorating situation .
I lost my job, which love it in a jiffy and I found myself alone, without work, and my money began to decrease.
I thought what can I do? What shall I do ? I had to find a solution with three children and their mother and my mother, who was living with us, too.

I started getting calls from some customers maintain their computers personal and you go to their homes to fix their computers (thankfully no one dies of hunger)
We did not have at that time, fast Internet only by phone contact,
And then I opened my Facebook, but I did not open it so much because of the very slow Internet
In the third month of 2011 we have become a DSL, but speeds: 256/512/1 Mbps.

I went to the company and took a speed of 1 Mbps and began wasting some time on Facebook.
By Browsing for Facebook a I notice beautiful picture on the right side of the Facebook page, I did not know That time anything for ads that appeared to me Arabic people - talking about the profit from the Internet, I say to myself probably a lie or unreasonable, but pushed my curiosity for knowledge and reading.
I saw strange images contain large numbers of money (it was from his account at Clickbank)

I started reading and read a lot about the subject through Google and then returned to that person, and I sent him a message:
I told him to teach me his way of profit from the Internet and how it was able to achieve thousands of dollars each month.
Two days later, I received replies from him: 
You have to pay $ 500 in order to teach you the way and secrets!
In fact, so much was amazed and I said to myself, surely man he wants to spotter people take away her money.
I left the whole thing and started looking for ways profit and achieve financial freedom from non to pay a penny.

Most of the free and the ways in which I found she was talking about:
- Building Blogs by Blogger and WordPress Traffic then bring it, by publishing them on the social networking and building backlinks
- Create videos on YouTube and Vimeo and then bring Traffic to it by building backlinks
- Registration sites in Show ads and cents profit
- Bring people to register through your link affiliate, the sites claim to be profitable (such as air sale) And they tell you one on the right and one to the north (all a lie), who won at the summit and the rest occurred in the trap Here ... experimented with making videos by Movie Maker and uploaded to YouTube and published in all the social networking sites, blogs and relevant to the product that i promote it And Of course ... the work was very boring and the results have been very few, about $ 100 a month .

I've failed a lot and I almost despair of this work, but at the same time my experience has been increasing in this area and especially ClickBank site for several reasons, including:
- High commissions of up to 75%
- Most of the real products and benefit the people very effectively
- Ensure the return of the money up to 60 days
- Easy to deal with the site and his administration (completely free of nodules)

So on ...One day I was looking for a good product to promote it, my eyes fell on the course Google Sniper: the gorgeous George Brown Its price at the time was about $ 67 as I recall .
I decided that I bought it, especially after the failed my attempts to achieve financial freedom and actually bought it and I received an email with information special registration me to enter a real live workshop, and it was this moment is a quantum leap in my life before being discovered the magic book     * How To Start Affiliate Marketing *
This was a qualitative leap in my life because it gave me hope that as long as I was looking for, a huge amount of interesting and useful information, great leap forward in the world of affiliate marketing :
It contains a training steps + applied Videos
I realized nearly $ 4,000 a month and still Earn a lot:
His method was based on the profitability of many building sites and bring traffic to it .

I learned a lot and a lot - things I have never been knowing it: and the most important: 
- How to build a profitable website from scratch, step by step 
- How do you know and understand your competitors 
- How superior to competitors without imitate it 
- How to use Goggle Keyword Planner exactly
- How to bring tons of traffic to these sites
- How do you get on the front page of Goggle easily (amazing way)
Then I began to see my earnings on the rise (about $ 200 per day) I was very happy at the time,
I even when I was introduced to my account in Click Bank can not believe what I see.
Failure has been transformed and the patience and perseverance to the results did not dreamed of in my life.
Personal advice: Never give up - not bored - try and try - in every attempt: You will discover new things and thus will increase your experience .
I've always been following news of famous Marketers Like of John Show and George Brown and Vick Strizheus 

I look at their profits fictional $ 77,000 per day and a lot more As you can see in the picture, and I say to myself, Can I achieve six figures?
I will try: my passion and my curiosity, does not depended out that reached some time ago for the book that changed my life completely 180 °
For the better and learn how to become a super affiliate marketing through the world's most famous marketers.
This book has achieved in 2005 a lot of sales because of its effectiveness and credibility, and so the owners of this book decided to turn it into an integrated site now has become of the most popular education sites profit from the Internet at all, it is no longer just a book or an educational course.

It has become a site like your father and your mother, officials completely about you, hold your hand like a little baby to understand everything about e-marketing and affiliate marketing
One of the main features:
- Full support team responsible for you: from scratch until you reach your financial freedom
- Hold your hand step by step and do not leave you until you find the results ($ 500 per day in just the beginning - there are those who started to deliver $ 23.804 per week)
- Solve all the obstacles that you may encounter (they're much more than a mentor)
- You will learn the secrets of marketing did not know in your life never
- You will not need to anything outside the site (all the necessary tools in marketing at your service)
- You will not get bored, because you will be busy with the application of the road map
- Will not waste your thoughts and your effort will not go in vain
- Will not waste your money on something empty (you will learn where you put your money and how to invest it)
- The biggest affiliate marketing society & Training site on the Web, and discover the freedom of making money online
Promotion of other Products & earning money for yourself
- All ways to earn big money as a super affiliate
- How to create an ad campaign profitable and successful
And much, much more (if I wanted to speak about this wonderful site will not be finished)
Did you know about any site I am talking?
I'll leave you to discover for yourselves
Are you ready to make big money as a SUPER affiliate?

Click The Picture Now And Start Like Super Affiliate Marketing

                                                                                                                     I wish you success and luck

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